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Found the SITE searching for POI on Google.

I had Magellan GPS in my car for last 6 years & it was great but getting maps/POI updated required sending it back to manufacturer & was not cheap ! Also being not portable, I was in market for new GPS. Choice was between TT910 & Nuvi 660 & based on reviews & users comments went for NUVI 660. So far I am happy with my choice & ability to add requirede POI is a great feature. Also road names being read out while driving allows you to focus on road rather than on screen.

I am glad I located POI Factory.

Thank you

Great sITE. Find you through Google search!


Welcome, I also get excited when the new technology greatly improves from year to year, model to model.
miss poi

Magellan coming out with new slimmer models

I see Magellan has brought out a 4040 model to my local circuit city...anyone know any history regarding Magellan vs Garmin? Magellan will also have a 4050 model coming out soon as well. The 4040 currently shows available for $449. The 4050 is displayed on another site that is taking preorders for $649.00

On your mark, Get set.....wait a minute......D-A-N-I-E-L..........now we can GO.... (Garmin c340)

New Magellan

I just recived my 4040. I will keep you posted how it is working. I like it so far. Only one thing it does not provide estemated arrival time.

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