downloading the Red Light POIs


I paid my $5 but didnt get a link to click on, so I couldnt download the Red Light POIs. What do I do now?


Normally, PayPal will send you back to the POI Factory web site.

I'll send you a copy via email.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.



I found your transaction, and I've sent a copy to your email address.

If anyone else runs into similar trouble, please send me a note via the contact form.

I will work on adding a "download recovery" feature that will enable people to retrieve a copy using details from their PayPal transaction.


Downloading Red Light POI

Seems I too got the dreaded, Paid but no file downloaded glitch.


Sent a copy

Sorry about that. I found your transaction and sent a copy to your email address.

As a general note, I've been testing a solution that automatically sends a link via email. It looks promising, but it's not quite ready yet.


Super job!

Thanks JM for the prompt reply.

The file made it through the busy internet and I have it safely tucked away until I can get home and open my new Garmin 2720 Christmas present.

You do a tremendous service to we GPS POI newbies and thank goodness that you do!

Have a wonderful holiday season.