Pennsylvania raises fees


Pennsylvania has raised fees and fines for several traffic offenses.

Fines, fees and penalties

John Finnerty Meadville Tribune wrote:

Pennsylvania will levy a surcharge on fines, fees and penalties for driving offenses under the new transportation plan. Increases will touch everything from fines for passing a stopped school bus to fines for driving under the influence of alcohol.

- The surcharge for passing a bus increases from $50 to $75.

- The surcharge for driving under the influence goes from $50 to $75 for first offense; $100 to $150 for second offense; $200 to $300 for third offense; and $300 to $450 for fourth offense.

- The surcharge for exceeding the posted weight limit on a bridge goes from $150 to $225.

- The surcharge for speeding 6 to 15 mpg above the limit increases from $30 to $45; speeding 16 to 25 mph above the limit goes from $40 to $60; speeding more than 26 mph above the limit goes from $50 to $75.

- The fine for going through a red light increases from $25 to $150. The actual increase is closer to $50, because the bill eliminates a series of surcharges that are now collected.

- The fine for evading tolls ranges from $100 to $3,000 for a first offense, and $6,500 for a second offense.

- The transportation bill also allows motorists caught driving without insurance to pay a $500 fee to avoid having their vehicle’s registration suspended for three months.

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That fits in with the

That fits in with the increased taxes on fuel.

These increases are

These increases are aggressive. More states to follow, monkey see, monkey do.

PA not the only one