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I'm still kinda new here, but have been getting a lot useful information from these posts. Trinipeng started one on Boston, which has created a lot of suggestions (Boston has to be THE perfect place to start a topic about city driving... Well, Rome and Shanghai too, I suppose).

My wife and I are thinking about a road trip to Chicago and I'll bet there's at least 500 years of Chicago experience reading these posts. I'd love to hear what others have learned. 500 years adds up to a whole lot of local knowledge.

Would anyone else be interested in postings about cities, what to do, what to look out for, what the local laws are, where to park, where not to park... Anything that would give travelers an inside bit of knowledge that could make their visit a little less stressful. Local knowledge would round out the information the POI files provide and also give users a chance to rant, praise or learn about the local population's quirks.

If there's interest, maybe this is something Miss POI could set up in a seperate directory by state.



Great idea!

Are you thinking of posts, like this, or POI files? Or maybe both?

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Good Question

gigglychick wrote:

Are you thinking of posts, like this, or POI files? Or maybe both?

I was thinking of Posts. The Metro Area Project POIs are able to highlight places and things to do, but I don't think they could inform drivers of any nuances driving in an area may find helpful. I'm sure there's a way for local information posts and POIs to be linked, I just don't know how that could be done.

I realize there are more issues with this idea... Most local information about geographical areas probably come from posts that start out having nothing to do with location. A post on how to remove cat hair from a GPS screen may evolve into a discussion on the best way to travel across downtown Miami.

Maybe POI Factory's software could be set up to perform a search of posts and link any city names it finds to a specific Metro area in the discussion area... I don't know, but I bet there are more intelligent and creative minds out there that do.

Local information makes it easier for people living in a geographical place to get around. The internet puts everyone with a computer together in one intellectual place. I just think it would be nice to figure out a way to link the two together.



ask and you shall receive, I

ask and you shall receive, I will set up a chicago metro page now, any volunteers out there that want to be moderators?

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