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has anyone noticed the ad for avis on tv which features the garman 500 series, and by the way the bean bag mount. if it were a danger in an accident, i dont believe a rental company would use it. lol

Garmin Commercials

I have noticed a lot of commercials with Garmin units in them lately.
I watched NASCAR today, and they showed 4 Garmin commercials before the race even started! They are spending some big bucks for advertising! That didn't count the Avis commericals.

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Watch Jay Leno Tuesday night...

Garmin will be trying something new (actually rather old) on Tuesday’s Tonight Show according to the Wall St Journal. The live promotional spot will be an integrated skill/commercial thing that is reminiscent of those old endorsements of cigarettes and such on those old shows from the 1950’s.

Apparently just before the first ad break, the small skit will include a spot that has Jay’s announcer John Melendez don a labcoat with a Garmin symbol on it and talk about the “Directions Disorder” that affects men who won’t ask for directions. The skit will be followed by a Garmin commercial; hopefully the Yao Ming ad. The move is in response to those of us who skip ads with TiVo. The move of pairing product integration into the show with the ad immediately following the mention increases related recall by 40% - 50%. The skit/ad runs Tuesday night.

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also note that the bean bag

also note that the bean bag mount is used in this add. if the bean bag is so unsafe, why would they use it in rental cars lol

I don't know about Avis, but

I don't know about Avis, but Enterprise is still using 330s

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been using it a while

I travel professionally, meaning almost all the time, and I carry my gps with me in a nice leather case, but also my bean bag mount. It's truly portable, folding down flat for storage in a briefcase or backpack. I've used it in at least two dozen different styles, makes and models of rental cars, along with it's use on my boat. The bean bag will slide if you do really rapid maneuvers and it's not sitting on a clean surface. Dust on the dash is the killer there. I've found that as long as the dash is dust and dirt free, it works great

It never moves on my boat, no matter what kind of waves I'm taking, but then it's on a 27' boat and that doesn't rock and roll all that much.

I've been using it for quite some time now and I swear by it. I truly like the fact that it's not putting the GPS up there in my way of a clear view, and is acceptable in all states. I have found that some makes and models of cars pose a problem, more to the GPS than to how it's mounted. For instance, all Volvo's I've driven have a thermic windshield, which passively reflects the heat from the sun, but also reflects radio signals. This causes a dead spot in the middle of the dash, but your GPS will work fine if you place it near an A pillar.

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Yeah and Radar Detectors

Yeah and Radar Detectors suck in those types of cars with those types of windsheilds.

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I hadn't thought of that... well, never mind, I don't carry my detector with me when flying somewhere, I just use the GPS and try to stay within 10 of the speed limit, max.

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It's simple physics

Inertia comes into play with the beanbag in an accident.

Inertia being a resistance an object has to change it's state in motion.

Example: You are traveling at 35mph and strike a non-moving object (until you hit it that is).

The GPS on the beanbag (minus the negligible effect of the friction the unit has on the dash) will remain traveling toward your front windshield at 35mph.

The only remotely possible damage that may be done is a cracked windshield. Doubtful however since the device/beanbag probably do not have enough force to cause this.

I would be more worried about people sitting behind you wearing their seatbelt. Many injuries have been caused to the front passenger in vehicles this way when in an accident the rear passengers skull impacts the front passengers spine through the limited cushion of the seat material.

Unless you drive at high speeds in reverse while using your GPS/beanbag on the dash, it should pose very little problem.

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What Happens in a rear end collision?

Do you eat the unit? I think so! Jake

just add a little salt it

just add a little salt it will be fine