Deleting Poi's


I have been trying to delete custom Poi's on dezl 790 with a mac. Have deleted all poi files on mac. Using Poi loader says all Poi are removed, but they are still on Gps. Managed to remove shortcuts & favourites, but custom Poi;s are still there. Can anyone help?

Couple ways

There are a couple of ways:

Due a hard reset should clear everything

While hooked up to the computer, go to the POI directory and delete the items there.

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Connect GPS to Computer

Connect the GPS to your computer and open File Manager.

The GPS will show as an external drive and you should be able to find your POIs. They will have a gpi extension behind them.

I suggest that you back these up first.


as you are using a mac

The Apple IOS requires the trash be emptied before a file is truly removed from an external device such as your Nuvi. Delete the files then empty the trash on your Mac before disconnecting.

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Connect your GPS to the Mac, open BaseCamp. The GPS should show up in the left column under "My Garmin Devices". Click to highlight your GPS that you want to remove POI. Then below you should see a section in that same column titled after the GPS, and below will be the contents of the GPS. You can now select and delete POI, tracks and routes.

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