Sygic and Heads up


I am in progress to buy and download Sygic for my smartphone, it has 50% off this weekend (in sweden at least) so i thought i will give it a try.

I will also try out the extension for heads up display, and i wonder if anybody else allready tried it and would like to share your experiences?

best regards Jocke

Nüvi 300 and Nüvi 3597LMT. Oneplus with Locus Map and Here/Sygic/Maps


I tried the trial version earlier this month. Looks great at first, with several features that I don't have on my old basic nuvi. But, at least in the USA, I found the new fresh maps outdated, with the built-in POIs more so, showing stores that were replaced five years ago and lots of useless clutter POIs (plenty of private addresses that just happen to own a business but don't deal with the public from the GPS location), as well as traffic light cameras that were removed long ago or were never even there at all. Even worse, it tried to route me some very strange ways and, when I went my own better way, it just got more and more insistent that I make u-turns and do it their way. Even when my final destination was in sight, the software wanted me to make u-turns and go back to do its route and couldn't adjust to the simple truth that I was going a different way.

It is now uninstalled, it could be free and I still would not use it. Looked really nice and had potential, but fatally flawed. If you haven't tried and evaluated the trial version for yourself, then don't be tempted to make a quick purchase because of a supposed "sale".

I bought it anyway.

When the price was reduced by 50% i could not resist it, so i bought sygic western europe and the app for heads up.
Heads up is a fun thing to use when it is dark, with daylight it not useful.
The HUD is actually just i thing that turns the image on the screen up side down and mirror facing it.
Then you just put it on the dashboard.

Well, i just used it for 5-6 miles so its not a complete evaluation of the product.


Nüvi 300 and Nüvi 3597LMT. Oneplus with Locus Map and Here/Sygic/Maps