Largest car sat-nav discussion forum? (search by street?)


Im looking for a new in-car sat-nav with a VERY specific requirment for it. Problem is, i dont know many related forums and was hoping to post on few atleast to get some different opinions...

Sooo... Any recommendations?


Also, may as well ask you guys too.

Imagine this: Taxi car at the airport, customer jumps on the backseat, you say "hi" and ask "Where to?" and he says an address... You have no idea where that is and maybe he doesnt eighter.
A fast-searching sat-nav could save a rookie-driver lots of embarasement.

Most sat-navs have you to putting in country, state, city, city-sub-area, ONLY THEN you can finaly search for a street... Too slow. Suppose the street is in different city-sub-area and you dont know it...

I need a sat-nav that has KEYWORD-SEARCH, fast one at that. Hopefully pointing at the closest street with that keyword in it.

I hope im making some sense, sorry for my poor typing.

PS: first post, yay... Hi all...

Better With Portable GPS

The In Dash Sat Navs are expensive to update and the maps are not updated as frequently.

One of the newer Garmin's and probably other manufacturers have a better search function. My NUVI 2555LMT only needs you to enter the Number and Street Name. It then searches in an increasing wider radius and displays a number of tabs with likely possibilities.

You can click on each choice and display a map, before hitting "Go".

You can also search via various categories, that may or may not be allowed by an In Dash system.

In addition, most In Dash systems do not allow you to enter Custom POIs. You may want to enter Custom POIs to help your job or to create your own list of POIs using something like Extra POI Editor, for locations that you might be called to on a regular basis. You may know where these places are, but maybe not the best way to get there from your current location.

You can also take the portable unit out of the cab and use it in your personal vehicle, if you want.

Hope this helps.


after market

I echo the recommendation for an after market unit rather than a built-in unit. The number of built-ins that allow custom lists are very limited. That's not to say you can't enter a list, but those entries are not automated as in a list that can be imported.

I will state the majority of forum members here will have little experience with European models of sat navs as well as what is offered as a built-in unit in European cars. Finally, welcome to the Factory.

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