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Hey everyone! Great site and thanks for having me. I own a Nuvi 3790 and have had it now for about 1 1/2 years. I just picked up a Kenwood DNX6190hd receiver with the garmin built in because I travel so much and like the hands free feature.

My Nuvi 3790 had about 600 custom favorites and I was able to do lots with it but I can not transfer my favorites using the POI Loader via USB. Every time I put the USB stick in the back of the Kenwood it says "Reading" and never does anything. I'd really like to transfer all my favorites and I had custom voices that I'm not sure I'll be able to transfer. If anyone has any tips I'd really appreciate the help.

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry Kenwood DNX6190Hd Nuvi 3790

Welcome to the Site

You will find this site a source of valuable information for your GPS.

Welcome to the site

I don't know how to move them but there are several on here that will. As soon as they see your post I'm sure they will post.

There may be information in FAQ on the top right corner. Or you can put in a search for moving favorites to see what comes up.

Hope you enjoy the site.

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You will learn and have fun here.

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Welcome Aboard!

A great site that always teaches something new.

Welcome. This is a great site

Welcome. This is a great site


You'll enjoy the site, and also the red light camera database that comes in handy all over ohio!


You will enjoy your time on this site.

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Welcome Jtribout

Lots of info and some great help here. Enjoy

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