Outer Banks, NC dining

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Last updated 09/21/2014

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Includes 38 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: NC, VA

POI Info: This is a file I cobbled together using Google Maps and Extra POI Editor in one evening. As I have visited any locations, I have added my review, have corrected the coordinates and have changed the icon from the blue flag (or green) to the restaurant icon.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: After a vetting process to ensure the featured restaurants met Guy Fieri's criteria of being independent, locally owned joints with killer food made from scratch, the OBX Triple D filming schedule included 7 restaurants. They are in this POI file and are:

  • Black Pelican Seafood Co
  • Outer Banks Brewing Station
  • Tortugas' Lie Shellfish Bar & Grill
  • The Brine & Bottle
  • Ortega'z Southwestern Grill & Wine Bar
  • The Weeping Radish Farm Brewery
  • Coastal Cravings Steak and Seafood

(Outer Banks visitor's guide, vol 23, no 2, 2013-2014, page 112)

About: The reason I created this was because I had planned on being in the Outer Banks and I love to eat. Why not do it up in style? If I already have the restaurants and reviews in the Garmin, no need to bring along a gadget and stay connected. I so needed to be off the grid for a spell... There are currently 36 locations, mostly in the Outer Banks.

The comment field contains the rating (from Google Maps if available), the type of food and my review. If there is more than one location, the reviewed location is included in parentheses. No need to visit them all, I felt. If there was something at the location of note, it's included there as well. If there's a review, I've been there and the coordinates are spot on. If the hours were posted anywhere I could find, they are in the the description field. The home page for each site (if available) is also in the POI file as well. Enjoy!

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  • camerabob - Sep 21, 2014
    Added two locations, updated several more from my trip at the beginning of Sept. 2014.

  • camerabob - Sep 4, 2014
    Added a restaurant in Buxton, NC

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    Added one location and 3 reviews

  • camerabob - Aug 31, 2014
    Added two reviews and a restaurant in Waves, NC

  • camerabob - Feb 13, 2014
    Since I now enjoy sushi, I added 3 Japanese restaurants and one sushi bar.

  • camerabob - Feb 2, 2014
    Changed the symbols on the locations that I personally visited and reviewed.

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    added picture

  • camerabob - Sep 8, 2013
    Added 2 reviews, 2 location and general cleanup. Final addition from me.

  • camerabob - Sep 5, 2013
    Added 2 reviews, corrected many coordinates.

  • camerabob - Sep 4, 2013
    Added 3 reviews and made some coordinate correections.

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    Added 3 reviews, and corrected their locations

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