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• Reuters and Bloomberg report that Harbinger Capital Partners sued Deere & Co., Garmin International Inc., and Trimble Navigation Ltd. The Bloomberg article notes that the companies are accused of failing to disclose that Harbinger's LightSquared venture would interfere with their products, according to a complaint filed today in federal court in Manhattan.

And just what were they to say to purchasers that bought their systems when LightSquared hadn't proposed it's audacious plan? Beware, some idiot can come along and propose a system that will cause interference so your unit can't receive signals from satellites?

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Getting blood from a stone--

Someone is upset that the golden goose they'd invested in turned out to be not a golden goose, not even a goose, but a dead duck...

So they're trying to recoup in any way they can, which would seem to include bringing suit against anybody who was in the neighborhood at the time that still has money.

Thanks for pointing this one out -- it will be interesting to watch, in a certain perverse sense...

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All I can say is, if these idiots are awarded even a penny, you might as well pack up and leave the US.

That said, I imagine this will be squashed very quickly by the court. One thing I noticed was, they didn't name the military in the suit. I wonder why... wink

Here's the link:

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