SD/Micro SD Card Reader/Writer


I will very shortly be using Alandb cloning method because of the lack of space on my unit’s internal memory. My computer unfortunately doesn’t have an SD card reader so I started looking for an external / portable model.

I bought the following Kingston reader and highly recommend it. It can read many different card formats, has excellent customer reviews, works really well and can be found for under 20$.

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$20 or 99 cents, hmmmm....

canuk wrote:

works really well and can be found for under 20$.

For a memory card reader? I bought one last month (that only reads micro cards, what I needed and very tiny) for 99 cents. I've purchased others in the past that read and write a variety of cards including SD and microSD, both SD and SDHC, for just a few bucks. I got mine from Meritline but these things are all over the web, another source I would shop at is DealExtreme (DX).

As memory cards keep evolving, my advice is to not expect to get one that will read things not made yet. For example, none of my readers will read the new SDXC cards used for 64 gig (or larger) cards. And I'm sure there are still people like Tiger trying to sell old readers that will not read the SDHC cards. The device that I got for 99 cents will NOT read micro SDXC, but I knew that when I bought it. Decide what you need now, spend a few bucks to get a decent reader, and when you get that SHXC card or something else in the future, spend another buck or two to get a reader for that. One might even come with the card.

The link that was given actually links to several sources, all of which cost more than $20 for the suggested device (Newegg is $27.99). If you think you need USB3, and need support for SDXC as well as a wide variety of other memory card formats, then you might be happy for a while with the Kingston reader. But I feel it is priced too high when I can get a reader that will meet my current needs for only a buck or two and then, when I need a reader for next years memory card formats, buy another reader for another buck or two.


I bought a gizmo on eBay a few years ago which looks like a slightly larger flash drive. It has slots for and it reads any known memory card and also including a mini USB slot. It reads my brand new Sony SDXC card for my digital camera too.

I got it for less than $ 3.00 on eBay.

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