Contributors of the Week 2013-7-08


This week we are recognizing, MrKenFL!

MrKenFL has been a member for over 6 years and 20 weeks!
He maintains one of the most popular files Rest Areas Combined !
I know I received several alerts from this file in my travels this week. This file was super helpful as I get very dehydrated when traveling long distances which causes me to need to stop frequently.

Just last week he has 39 changes and 18 additions to that file.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into insuring this very popular file is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


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Great Choice!

Congratulations MrKenFL. Your file is the first one I download ... wouldn't leave home without it! Thanks for your work. Enjoy your week in the spotlight.

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Well Deserved

This is one of a number that is well deserved. He keeps it up todate all the time and accurate. Well Done smile

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Congratulations MrKenFL

Your rest area file is a must for every traveler, many thanks for your time and contributions. smile

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Congrats MrKenFL, great file

Congrats MrKenFL, great file

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Very well deserved. I use the Rest Area file regularly. Thanks!!!!

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Thank you

MrKen, Nice to have you on this site. I use your poi while traveling. Thanks for all the help and information in the forum. Great to have you here.

Being called a COW is a good thing here. smile

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Keep up the good work.

Congratulations MrKenFL. A very good selection for this award.

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My most important

When traveling, it is important to my passengers that I know where the next rest area is.

Thanks for the work you put into this file


When you gotta go--

Call up Mr. Ken's file.

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Congrats MrKenFL

I also find it useful.

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Wow -that was a shock !

Appreciate the kind words - fortunately there are dedicated Users who assist me with inputs and further research is made pretty simple !
I could never do it alone since my travels are pretty much in the Eastern states and quite a few of the State DOT sites are behind the curve lately so "raise your hats" to the loyal band of Users who assist me greatly !

Thanks for the award ! I really appreciate it !


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My fave

Congrats. Your POI file is my favorite!

Way to go

We really appreciate your efforts MrKenFL.

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Congratulations MrKenFL

Thanks and enjoy your COW!

Nüvi 2595LMT

Great choice!

Thanks MrKenFL! We are in a summer long trip to/from Alaska and the combined rest stop POI is a blessing!

Recognizing, MrKenFL

Congratulations MrKenFL and a big Thank you for all the hard work you do that helps us all down the road. grin

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Congratulations to you! Now you are excused to continue grazing. Thanks a munch!

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Congrats MrKenFL! Thank you very much for what you do for us

Congrats MrKenFL!

Thank you very much for what you do for us with the very popular Rest Area file. I use it often...

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congrats to

MrKenFL,great job. wink

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Thanks MrKenFL!



Congrats and well deserved.

Great Job !

Great Job and Well Deserved recognition. Well Done.

Congrats MrKenFL!

Way to go, keep it up...

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Cogratulations MrKenFL!

What a monumental task you have assumed! Thanks for keeping this big file accurate and complete. We appreciate all your help and dedication.

Enjoy your well deserved week in the pasture.


Very happy that there's a community of dedicated people out there like MrKenFL who devote the time and attention to creating these files and keeping them relevant.

I recently purchased my nuvi 52 and found this after searching around. So thrilled to have found this as a resource, and happy to contribute where I can as well.


Congrats MrKenFL! How's that alfalfa smoothie? razz

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Thanks to MrKenFL

When you drive a 40ft motorhome, you cannot just pull of anywhere, so knowing the location of Rest Areas is important info.

Even if one does not use the facilities, the driver must stop the RV somewhere when he/she has to go. Exits often use up a lot of time and are often difficult compared to the in and out convenience of a rest stop.

Being the only driver, stopping to take a nap or just walk do a walk around check of the rig is valuable too.

Thank you and best regards to you for your valuable service.



Well-done, MrKenFL! Thank you for your efforts!



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Got milk?

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Well deserved MrKenFL exclaim

You've spent a lot of time updating the rest area file and your work is much appreciated! grin grin

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Applause for nice work!