Nuvi 2595 MicroSD Card


grin Is there any benefit to installing a memory card in the 2595? BTW, My 2595 has been working flawlessly (from my other post) since then. Imported my csv files using the software, with separate subfolders. All is well. Just the ? about the card.


Not Needed

Until you find a need, do not worry about one.

Good suggestion

jgermann wrote:

Until you find a need, do not worry about one.

Good suggestion. No need to add an unnecessary accessory to confuse the system. Do not bother with an extra SD, unless the 2595 prompts you. Even then, there are ways to avoid adding the SD.

Nothing to gain by adding the card

All it will do is slow down the boot process when the 2595 looks at the SD card to see if there is anything on there it should load or recognize.

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Nuvi 2595 MicroSD handy for experimentation

I recently got a refurb 2595 as an upgrade to my 1490 (but I'm keeping the 1490!) I agree that you should not worry about adding a MicroSD until you really need one, but in my case I was so used to experimenting with OpenStreetMaps on the 1490 I just had to set up the 2595 in the same way - with an SD card I could drop multiple .img files in the \Map folder. I was so relieved that the 2595 has this capability. Copying large .img files to the card via the built-in reader of my laptop is much faster than USB to the unit's internal memory.