Error with - Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives PLUS [CSV]


Ok, I am a noob... but I think the "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives PLUS [CSV]" has an error with it.

I downloaded and when I went to view it the CSV file only had nine (9) entries.

Let me know if the file is ok or if THIS noob just has no idea what he is doing.

Thanks for the help.


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I just downloaded the file you mentioned. All 625 entries look good.
Try it again.

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mikesworldtour wrote:

I went to view it the CSV file only had nine (9) entries.

It might help us help you to know how you viewed this file.

Two thoughts


Is your downloaded file 456KB in size? If smaller, you have a failed download. Delete and download again as already suggested.

If you file is the right size, why are you looking at its innards on your computer? You need POI Loader software which will install the csv to your Garmin nuvi. At the end of the transfer, it'll say something like "Successfully transferred xxx POIs." What is that number? You can find your Custom POIs by tapping your nuvi: WhereTo, Extras, CustomPOIs, then the D,D,&DPLus which will then bring up the nearest 50 locations to you.

Let us know if you're seeing something different.