Ohio to raise speed limit on select interstates

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BobDee wrote:


One would think there are other more pressing things to worry about. Most everyone follows the rule of 10--10 mph over the limit is safe. Whether the limit is 15, 25, or 65. Again, common sense says that 35 in a 25 should be dealt with more severely than 75 in a 65.

So what's behind increasing the speed limit--wanting people to enjoy their vehicles more? Get to their destinations in a more timely fashion? The article did not really state how it was justified.

Illinois thinking about 70 mph also.

What do I think? Let me see, many years ago the limit was lowered to "save gasoline", then the excuse for not raising it backup was "lower speed limits save lives" OR Illinois roads were not designed for those types of high speeds Now the reasoning is "let us be like everybody else" Me thinks lawmakers" will do what they **** well want to

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Glad to see the increase

When the interstates were first opened they had a 70 mph speed limit. When we went to a 55 mph limit it was quite a slow down. It may only save you 10 minutes driving time crossing the state, but 10 minutes for all the hundreds of thousands of travelers on the road each day adds up to many years of extra time to do other things.

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Right Lane

The states that have raised the speed limits don't really matter to me, as I usually stay to the right lane and drive 60 to 65 MPH. For my gas powered vehicle, that seems to be the efficiency sweet spot.