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I have been fascinated with the fact that we can use .MP3 files to alert us to locations.
This afternoon I created 33 different alerts for locations where I have POI files loaded.
I used the AT&T Text-to-Speech Demo to create them.
I had to be very creative on some of them because it could not pronounce Fazoli's, Fuddrucker's, Schlotzsky's, or WI-FI. I had to phonetically spell them to make it work. I never did get Fuddrucker's exactly right, but it is close.
I didn't know if this is something that others would be interested in, or not.
It sure makes more sense to have someone tell you that there is a Wal-Mart or School ahead, instead of a dinging noise.
I use a Garmin Nuvi360 and it works great on this unit.

Garmin Nuvi 660

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Interesting. This may be

Interesting. This may be covered elsewhere, but how do you associate the mp3 with a POI?

Yes, it was mentioned.

Yes, this was mentioned elsewhere on the site, that is where I got the idea to do this.
All you have to do is name the .MP3 file the same as the POI and BMP files you have, and make sure you have an alert set. I just put "REDLIGHT" in the name of all my files, so it automatically sets the alert for me.
As an example:


I forgot to mention, when you use the Text-To-Speech engine, it creates a .WAV file. You have to convert this to a .MP3 file for it to work.

Garmin Nuvi 660


If you search for "custom alert" or "voice alert" or something like that, you find more information, but basically you name the mp3 file exactly the same as the POI file, put it in the same folder on your PC as the POI file, run POI Loader in Manual Mode, set an alert for your POI file and viola! Your unit must support mp3's for this to work.

Manual Mode

Motorcycle Mama, you were the one that inspired me to undertake this task. I read one of your posts about how to do this.
I put "REDLIGHT" in all my file names and that way I don't have to upload the files manually. They automatically put an alert on my files. Not that I'm lazy, but it IS an easy way to do it.
Thank you again for letting us know that this is possible. I appreciate all the information I have learned from this website.

Garmin Nuvi 660


Great work, Rick.

That method will certainly work. You will get an alert at a quarter of a mile at any speed.

And I agree that this is a great community.

Can you upload some of the

Can you upload some of the files you created it would be great if you have already done it for the rest of us not to recreate the wheel....

I'm not sure

I'm not sure if I am allowed to download the files.

Miss Poi, what do you think?

Garmin Nuvi 660


Rick, take a look at this thread.


Thanks again MM

Thank you for helping me again Motorcycle Mama.

Garmin Nuvi 660