New Message Question


Is there any way on POI-F to jump to the newest post in a thread that is over one page long? I am able to just click on the word new in a post and it will work and jump to the newest posting as long as the post is no longer than one page. Now after the thread reaches one page it will jump to the page but you then have to scroll down to through the messages and just pick one to start reading. The new posts since you last visit or reading are NOT highlighted in red so you have to go to the end and count backwards to get to where you left off reading that thread.

Anyone have a good workaround?

If you use the "Unread Posts" link,

If you use the unread post link you will be taken to the first of a series of "new" posts in that thread.

What you need to do is to click on Unread Posts in the top panel of the right pane.

Then, click on Forum Preferences and choose those forums that you wish to follow (or all of them if you wish). Then, always start reading using "Unread Posts".

Note that Recent Posts will always show you the threads in order (newest to oldest) but takes you to the top of the thread.


And once you've read all of the posts you're interested in, you should click on the "Mark topics in all forums as read" link. So when you visit the site again it will only show new threads/posts.

Thanks Guys

I knew there had to be someway to so it but I just could not find it. Thanks again.