Need Magellan RoadMate Tools & POI Manager (or POI Editor)


Hello all! I just inherited a Magellan RoadMate 2000. My mom bought it for my dad and he never used it so it's like in mint condition! It's a dated unit but it works just fine. I am interested in creating custom POIs. From my research in this forum and through searching on the internet, I think I need some software that did not come with the unit. I think I need Magellan RoadMate Tools (version ?) & POI Manager (or "POI Editor"; version ?). Maybe there's another POI manager, editor or loader software that will work for the product...I'd welcome knowing if so. POI Manger may be a part of the RoadMate Tools package. I have searched the internet for this software and while I find no shortage of references to it, I have yet to find a web site where I can simply download the software. What's with all of these web sites that pretend to offer software and product support downloads but don't? I did find instructions for using the software inside one Magellan product manual. Can someone point me to where I might find the software online? I'm willing to pay a modest amount for copies of the software. I would think that since it's product support software that Magellan wouldn't have much heartburn over it being distributed. From what I read on this forum, I shouldn't expect Magellan to be of any assistance. Any help with obtaining the software or work-arounds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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wish you lots of luck

Those tools were from the "old" Magellan before it went bust and was acquired by Mio. If you can find copies, it will most likely be E-Bay or Craig's List type of listing. The tools were copyrighted so posting them on line would be a crapshoot about any enforcement.

On the bright side though, TurboCCC's Extra_POI_Editor will write compatible files for that Magellan.

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