Trouble downloading mp3s


using media player 9 on windows xp. My computer & media player show files loaded but I cannot find them on my nuvi 350. Can anyone help? Thanks

On the main screen

Select 'Travel Kit' then 'MP3 Player', then 'browse' - if they're there, they should show up when you select 'all' - then you can 'play all' and hit the 'shuffle' button.

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Tried that

Thanks but they do not show up there. My Computer icon on desktop shows nuvi external drive and the mp3 files i downloaded to it, but they dont show up in travel kit mp3s area. I think my laptop is haunted! Jake

On your Nuvi

In the Nuvi external drive, create a folder called "MP3" (without the quotes of course) - and put 'em all in there.

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No Luck

I wonder if my windows media player is copying my cd files into mp3s or not on my nuvi? File icon looked different from the sample mps already on the nuvi.....any ideas? Thanks Jake

They have to be MP3 files

If your Windows media player has made all your CDs into Windows media files - those do not work on Nuvis.

In Windows Media Player, bring up the options dialog box, and select the "Rip Music' tab...and in the 'rip settings' section of the box, make sure the format selected is MP3, not one of the Windows Media formats.

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Windows Media Center

Does not support mp3s w/o a plug in which i can't seem to get working. Looks like my cd's might not make it to my Nuvi. Is there a decent program other than windows Med player that will do the same thing?.....I'll keep plugging with the plug-in or maybe try upgrading to ver 10 if i can.

Thanks very much for your assistance. Jake

Windows Media Player

is up to version 11.something - and it does support MP3 ripping. There are other programs out there capable of doing it too if for some reason you are unable to upgrade your version of Windows Media Player.

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Try Media Monkey.

Hard Drive First

First rip the files to you hard drive then copy them to your SD card/ GPS.

Thanks to All

I'm now listening to God Bless the USA by Mr. Greenwood on my Nuvi 350. Thanks for all the help!!!! Jake

Upgraded to Media Player #11....#9 was so old it had a copy button instead of a rip button.

Nice Tune

I have just shy of 4 GB of MP3s on an SD card in my 660. SD cards work in the 350 too.

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SD Card

I have one. Got one of the $19.+ 4GB cards talked about on the site. Plan to put my mp3s on the SD card and POIs on the HD. What mp3 rate (quality) do you use? Approximately, how many songs have you put on your 4GB SD card?

I have 618 titles

And use 256Kbps bit rate.

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