Map Detail Level Question


I've been trying to figure it out but the unit doesn't help much.

On the Nuvi types under SETTINGS > MAP > MAP DETAIL ... what are the differences between the 5 settings (Most, More, Normal, Less, Least)? Specifically, I'm wondering what each one draws.

Garmin Nuvi 765T

I believe it has to do with

I believe it has to do with the number of small side streets shown. When I do least my street doesn't show, it's as if the car is parked in a vacant lot. Most gives every little street, alley, and foot path in the map. The least takes - are you ready for this - the least amount of time to draw and the most - well you know.


I thought it was about how sharp the streets and text are rendered.

Garmin Nuvi 765T

Good Question!

I just got my GPS recently and I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I can't tell the difference between any of those options except that the pictures get a little bit more color and detail. =p

I hope someone will be able to give a good explanation on this.

More Detail

I keep my nuvi 200 set for most detail. It controls how many steets are shown. The detail still changes with the zoom level, but it shows more streets at any particular zoom.

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The more detail you show

The more detail you show also determines what other types of "stuff" shows up (waterway names, neighborhood names, etc.).


more detailed maps



I like to see all the details of where I am at or going. I have never had a problem with too much information.

new but wanting to learn...Thanks, David K.


I have a 2730 & a 7200 and like them set to "most" detail.

It show each and every little street, POI etc. BUT... you have to be zoomed in with the closest zoom to see absolutely everything it can show.


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When you zoom in all the

When you zoom in all the way, every road shows. When you zoom out, there're difference in details at each levels.

I often browse map to see which route GPS has chosen, most details tends to slow down too much.