Garmin Just Talked Me Out Of Navigon For My Andoid Devices!


So, I made the switch this afternoon from my well used T-Mobile Garminfone to the Google Nexus 4. Coincidentally, I called Garmin to see if I can restore the problem I have had for the past week receiving text messages. I happened to mention that I would like to see StreetPilot OnBoard For Android like the app for Apple. The rep mentioned Navigon, so I quipped that I might get it and have it on the Nexus 4 AND Nexus 7 and then he advised me that since the Nexus 7 only has ONE camera that it is NOT compatible with Navigon! Apparently it causes Navigon to crash. That sort of surprised me. So, essentially that means I will buy TomTom For Android, assuming that it will work for both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

OK, I'll bite!

I admittedly know nothing about smartphones and apps, but why does a navigation app need a camera (or two cameras)?

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Navigon Reality View And Reality View Pro

I seem to recall that it involves the Reality View and Reality View Pro features described below:

What are "Reality View" and "Reality View Pro"?

Reality View and Reality View Pro are unique features for the clear representation of motorway junctions and interchanges.

When you approach a motorway junction or interchange, a realistic view of the road layout appears. Reality View shows with greater clarity the signposting and lanes you must follow. This presentation does not change until you have passed the indicated spot. Then it reverts back to the navigation map.

Reality View Pro also offers this type of presentation/view for the exit, where you have to leave the motorway.

Reality View is not available for all motorway junctions and interchanges. The availability depends on the version of the navigation map you are using. Till now, several thousand motorway interchanges and junctions have been added with the Reality View presentation to the map data.
Reality View Pro is available for all motorway exits.
Reality View is part of many navigation systems from NAVIGON.

Here is what Google Play shows for me:

This app is compatible with some of your devices.

T-Mobile LGE Nexus 4

Asus Nexus 7
This item is not compatible with your device.

T-Mobile Motorola MB525 (last used April, 2013)

Verizon CASIO C771

T-Mobile Motorola MB525 (last used April, 2013)

This item is not compatible with your device

Reality View?

That assumes that you have the smart phone up on the dash and the camera pointed out the windshield. Seemingly, that isn't very likely.