Which TomTom to buy - VIA 1535 or XL 335SE?


Walmart has the TomTom VIA 1535 5" GPS Unit w/ Lifetime Maps (Refurbished) for $79.98 and the TomTom XL 335SE TM 4.3" (new) for $74.98.

Can someone post their thoughts on pros and cons comparing these two units. I can't seem to find info for the 335 on TomTom's website.

Any difference in processing speed in the real world? storage capacity? User Interface?

Thanks in advance.

I say the XL.

If you like losing all control over file system, or don't mind not having any control, that is what you will have with the Via with a 5 inch display. Many say the Via units are not as sensitive. It has Bluetooth and voice command if those points are important. Only TomTom can access the files.

The XL 335 is a solid entry level unit with few frills. It is very customizable in terms of menus and splash screens. Its display is a little smaller at 4.3 inches. The files are open. You can tinker with it. Replacement parts are fairly cheap such as screens and batteries. If it were me, I would go with the latter.

I'd get the VIA

As you can see from my profile we have a 335 and 1505, so I'll give you my perspective on both.

I would agree that the XLs are simpler to customize, but most of the same things can be customized on the VIAs. It is just a little more cumbersome to customize the VIAs. I update both regularly, and the VIA just takes longer. Particularly the POI...you have to do one at a time, which is a PITA.

Overall, my wife prefers the VIA, and since she is not much of a tech person that goes a long way. Generally the menus are simpler and overall functionality seems easier (more logical menus) with the VIA. Again, like above, the XL is not bad or much harder, the VIA is just better.

As for mapping, a slight edge to the VIA...never had any problems with it. The XL is excellent, but the VIA just gives better routes on a consistent basis.

Lastly, I believe the VIA line is newer than the XL line and I'd speculate that it would be around longer, meaning map updates available longer, but that is just my speculation.

So IMO, get the VIA!

Hope this helps.

P.S.-Check Amazon Warehouse for good deals as well...check frequently as they change often.

very poor reviews of tomtom on amazon

The via has very poor comments on amazon many state the gps takes a long time to find a signal and not very responsive. I own the XL and the start and I find them both acceptable (not perfect).


DON'T BUY A TOMTOM. I had one had to send it back several times to be fixed. Cost me 20 to ship it back using their way. Never did work right. Now I have a Garmin Nuvi, recomended to me by my Sn, Who developes them for airplanes. My Garmin has taken we on several trips. Don't know if you can put in extra POI. If I can help more please email me. prjones520@gmail.com

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Lifetime maps?

mike430681 wrote:

Walmart has the TomTom VIA 1535 5" GPS Unit w/ Lifetime Maps (Refurbished) for $79.98

I am looking at the reviews on Walmart.com for the refpurb. Some posters are saying TomTom refurbs do not have lifetime maps, even though the ad says that they do have LM.
Any experiences with that?

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TomTom Map Share HD Traffic

I'm looking at buying a TomTom because I need the Map Share feature - highway exists are constantly changing in my area due to construction.

Can anyone tell me what's the least expensive TomTom for the USA that supports Map Share and also has HD Traffic?


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