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Can you set a POI using TourGuide and set it for directional only. What I am trying to do is set rest areas with TourGuide alert, but only in the direction I am going. As now set it beeps for all rest areas. I don't need an alert for a area on the south bound I-85 if I am going north. Have looked about a hour for this but no luck. Thanks

Rest areas

If you're using the RestAreasCombined file made by MrKenFL, why are you choosing to make them a TourGuide? They will work fine giving alerts (audio and visual, assuming you have icons and sounds installed and have an alert distance set) straight from The Factory as a non-TourGuide.

Remember that alerts require either customizing the POI file or much more simply, by running POI Loader in manual (not Express) mode, then setting alerts and an alert distance or speed. I use the RestAreasCombined file with a 15,000-foot alert distance and get a roughly 2.8-mile advance notice of rest areas.

The only reason to do a TourGuide for this is if you want to be alerted to a POI on nearby streets or highways which which have you leave the highway you're currently traveling. I doubt that there are many rest areas near but not on the highway currently being traveled--and would you really want to divert off your highway to even go to one?

Remember that TourGuides give a "radius alert" and therefore must be non-directional. There has been some discussion of creating normal POI files (not TourGuide) that are directional--I think this was of most interest for redlight cameras--but to my knowledge, it's never been worked out.

Even in non-TourGuide mode, you will get occasional alerts for the rest area for traffic traveling the other way. In TourGuide mode, you'll most likely always get dual alerts for both directions of travel. For non-TourGuides with the RestAreasCombined, I think it depends how close the two opposing traffic lanes are. They are easily identified by the pop-up so you know which are yours and which belong to the other side. My thoughts are to accept them.

Thanks CraigW

Thanks, this is info I needed. Though you had to use TourGuide to get the alert, and guess that info was not reading closely, or remembering what I read. Senior Citizen issue. Again Thanks


Like CraigW said TourGuide files can not bee used to make directional alert.
ExtraPoiEditor (EPE)can be used to make directional alert by using circle list, but only by using the ordenery "along road" type alert. There are gpi speed files made by EPE with directional alerts.The gpi poi file must be created of EPE ,not PoiLoader.
Limit:The EPE can only make gpi files with one bmp Ikon and one wav/mp3 file.