TomTom previews navigation application for Android


The TomTom Navigation app for Android will offer drivers:

World-class navigation - The latest, most accurate TomTom maps available – with no need for a mobile signal or data plan.
Lifetime maps – Free updates that ensure access to the latest maps and fastest routes.
IQ Routes - Arrival times that drivers can rely on – at all times of day.
Advanced lane guidance – Gives drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.
Spoken street names – Makes turnings even clearer.
2D / 3D driving view – The clearest display for the safest driving.
TomTom HD Traffic – Available as an in-app purchase. It's the quickest way through traffic. Proven.
TomTom Speed Cameras – Available as an in-app purchase. Save money and drive safely with real-time mobile and fixed camera alerts.

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Additional information

One of the TomTom executives announced the Android app earlier this summer, but without any of the additional details that you provided above.

A rather vague release date was provided at that time, so I'm wondering if they were any more specific about availability in this announcement?

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Forgot the announcement

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I've been using TomTom USA on my iPhone for a year or 2 and I give it a thumbs up.

Seems like the Android app will be equally as good.

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I've missed the IQ routing on my SGSII. Too bad HD traffic will be an add-in app instead of included. Hopefully, it will be reasonably priced.

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