We live in a densely populated suburb. 4 1/2 yrs. ago I got into a confrontation--during a snow storm, I was parking my car on the street. Guy with two Porsches, and Audi, and a BMW said not to park across from his house if I care about my car. This came out of nowhere so I threw it in reverse and parked exactly where he told me not to.

On another street as we now have yet another car, someone left a note on the car--"Do not park here. Park your car in your own private driveway--we're just being neighborly."

Anyway, we're walking the dog today so we see the neighbor two doors down, his work truck is parked where we got the note. So my wife says you don't mind parking your truck there, did they put a note on your van, and he reveals that he has a camera recording the street and he's gotten into a physical altercation with the guy leaving the note. If you ever have a problem with those people, and need any footage, just let me know....LOL It isn't just municipalities recording what's going on....

I have cameras

Great peace of mind. Most crime is someone close in neighborhood. With a camera set to record your vehicles and other property, the odds are you'll recognize them. Also see them sniffing around before the actual hit.