Problems with POIloader using Snow Leopard


Is anyone else having issues using POIloader on Snow Leopard? I installed it from the App Store but whenever I point it at CSV files from POI Factory, it just hangs on 'initializing'.

Conversely, I spin up a windows virtual machine and the POIloader install there works just fine and only takes a second or two to process the files.

Stuck as to what I need to do to make the Mac native app work, thinking of blowing away any plist to get it recreate as a first step. Any pointers gratefully received though.

Did you try

getting it for the mac direct from Garmin? Could be a problem with the app or corrupt down load.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Just tried that, thanks.

Strange, the versions of 2.2.1 between the Garmin download direct from Garmin and from Apple via the App Store must differ in other ways than the DRM wrapper.

The version from Garmin seems to process the files to a point (gets to 71% then stops) while the App Store version just completely hangs.

I'll throw away the plist just in case and try again. Thanks for the pointer anyway!

No problems here.

I've used POI Loader v2.2.1 from the app store several times with Snow Leopard on 3 different Garmins (Zumo 550, 3790, 3590) with no problems of any kind. It has never hung.

I remember about a year ago with a previous version of POI Loader I had issues because I didn't have the POI folder on the boot drive, it was on a second external drive, but once I changed the folder to the boot drive I haven't had any issues.

Update: If clearing out and reinstalling doesn't work it might be possible that it is hanging on one specific POI file. You may need to add one POI file to your folder at a time to find the culprit.

Thanks for the feedback -

Thanks for the feedback - the version I have installed on my windows VM works fine with the POI files I have (all from here) but this is a significantly newer version.

Trying the files one at a time seems like it would be a good approach - I'll give that a go.

Follow up to moomin.

Did you get the problem figured out?

Not yet, no. I was trying to

Not yet, no. I was trying to get ready for a vacation (which I just returned from) when I was trying originally.

Lucky I had a virtual machine with windows on it really, otherwise I wouldn't have had the POI set I did on the road!

I'm going to give it another go in the next day or two, will report back.

I know what it's choking on

Thanks to your sensible suggestion I tried running POI Loader against the POI sets one at a time. I found the set it's choking on, it's the "Triple D Plus" set from here.

All others processed just fine.

Strange thing is, the PC version of the application processes that set no problem at all. No idea what's making POI Loader choke on that particular set of POI's... :-/

Any chance someone else could try it with the OSX version of POI Loader?