July 9 could be 'Internet doomsday' for some


July 9 could be 'Internet doomsday' for some (so check your PC or Mac).

This has come up previously but the FBI was involved in preventing the problem until now(Monday July 9 2012).

Read about it and check your computer if you wish:


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Passing On

I've been passing this info on to family and friends for over 2 months. Checking their PCs if asked. Have not personally found any that were infected.

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One so far--

I've seen one so far, and that was a system we were given. The owners decided to replace it with a newer machine because it was old and had gotten slow...

Friends don't let friends use IE!

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Seems like there would be a relative few...

...infected machines, even though the press really hyped it up this past weekend. The hype was perhaps because of FBI's role of keeping the infected machines working for so long after the fact. Time to move on and stay as watchful as we can for the next real computer threat!