Any Garmin 2720 Users?


I just purchased myself an early Christmas present - the Garmin 2720. This is my third generation of GPS. I bought my first a long time ago, a Lowrance GM100. This was the first GPS which had downloadable moving maps. It was great and I used it a lot for several years.

Next, I upgraded to the Magellan Meridiam Gold. This one had a lot more memory, an SD card slot, easier on batteries, larger screen. And I used it a lot. In fact, I still use it a lot and plan to continue to do so for hiking.

But, 2 weeks ago, I purchased the Garmin 2720 which is strictly for automotive usage. Wonderful unit - voice instructions, larger screen, color - which works well at night and day, automatic route calculation. This unit is a real joy so far. Some of the routes are not the ones I would pick, but, if I was in a place I was not familar with, they would certainly get me where I wanted to go with no trouble at all.

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2720 / 2610

Miss poi uses a 2610, which is very similar. It's not our newest GPS, but it's the one that gets used the most.

I like it because it's easy to hide and move between cars (uses a bean bag mount).


ha ha the bean bag mount lol

ha ha the bean bag mount lol

Bean Bag mount

The bean bag mount is great - it wasn't clear how it would work from it's description, but once I tried it, I think it is great.

It's "moldable" and it's bottom side is such that it creates a lot of friction preventing it from sliding around. Easy to port to other vehicles.

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2720 User Also!

Been using mine since Oct. '06 and have had no problems with the unit or uploading new software as it has become available. I use the bean bag mount in the car, and the Ram ball mount on my motorcycle. I also subscribed to the traffic info. which helps me avoid jams, about 80% accurate in my estimate.

Garmin StreetPilot 2720 & Garmin 12

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2720 routing

I've been playing with my new 2720 around my home town of Houston for the past couple of weeks. It's great - looking forward to using it out of town, where I don't already know where to go!

I have it configured to avoid u-turns, but the other, I ignored it's advice to force it to automatically recalculate and it wanted me to make a u-turn when there we several good other choices instead. I continued to ignore it's u-turn advice, and, after several minutes, it finally gave me a recalculated route without the u-turn. The new route that I had forced on the unit was nearly identically effecient as it's original route.

Other than that minor routing difference of opinion - I think the unit is great. Custom POIs - started using those to load extra gas stations (I like Exxon and Mobil) because the trip I'm going on in a couple of weeks seemed to be short gas stations in places, so I found some and loaded them as custom - that is working great during a simulation.

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Garm Street Pilot 2620 GPS

Hello JM My friend has a 2620 and he is wondering if he can down load pois with the poi loader to his unit is it compatible like the 2720 GPS model Thanks

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Auggie,2620 does not work

2620 does not work with poi loader. It supports waypoints but not custom poi's.

Miss Poi


OK Thanks Miss POI

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck

2720 on my Gold Wing

I bought the Garmin 2720 last July to replace my GPS 5. I ahve ridden around 15,000 miles with it so far and really like its features. I also have the FMC traffic and it has come in handy in my trips through Washington DC.