Wineries in the Asheville, NC, area


When we travel, my wife and I enjoy visiting local wineries. At the end of the month we'll be visiting Asheville, NC, and would appreciate information on good, local wineries in that area. Any suggestions?
When we return to northeast Ohio, we'll be travelling along the eastern side of Tennessee then through Kentucky and into Ohio. Any suggestions for wineries along the way would also be appreciated. We haven't actually settled on our exact route, but it'll be along interstates. Thanks.

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try the state website

Often the state travel and tourism website is your best friend. Poke around on them a little and you can find ALL KINDS of interesting things. Suggested trips, things to see and do, historical sites you name it. They're all listed.

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Try Asheville Wineries & Winery Tours

If you are a bit of a romantic, check out Asheville Wineries & Winery Tours: mrgreen

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