Can't find the File?


This will make me look like a idiot! I downloaded a POI file to my desktop. Using the POI Loader, browsing for the file, it is no where to be found. I see it on my desktop and can open it (it is on an EXCEL spreadsheet and in Excel comma serarated file format). When in the POI Loader and browsing, it is not there. I assume I can not just transfer the Excel file to an SD card and put it in the Garmin Nuvi 660? I am using Windows Vista, but I can't see how that would make difference?
Thanks for any help - Jim


Try moving the file to to an

Try moving the file to to an actual folder on the local drive, c:\ drive.

Also you may want to try installing the very latest version from the Garmin website. Uninstall the previous version first.

Last thing, the POI Loader does not actually see the file only the directory it is located in.

So create a folder call POIXXX or something and point to that folder.
Good luck.


Path to Desktop in Vista

Should be:

C:\Users\(your username on your computer)\Desktop

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I'll answer your last

I'll answer your last question first. No you can't just copy the file to the SD card. You need to load it with POI Loader.

So, let's check a few things. Make a folder on your PC that contains your POI file(s). When you run POI Loader, and the screen comes up that says to select the directory that contains your data files, select that directory. Follow the prompts and the POIs will be loaded. Note that POI Loader will not show you or allow you to browse to the FILE. You need to select the DIRECTORY.

Exactly what Motorcycle

Exactly what Motorcycle Momma said, it only points to the directory the file is located in.
Make sure it is the only CSV or POI file in there.


Can't find the file

A great big thank-you to Victor, Keith and Motorcycle Mama! I was looking for the FILE instead of just the DIRECTORY. It works! Thanks again, you guys really came through! Pure Genius!