.Traffic cameras won't be on ballot



Arizona voters won't get the chance this November to ban all photo-enforcement cameras in the state.

The Senate on Tuesday voted 14-15 against Senate Concurrent Resolution 1029, which proposed to put the debate over cameras on the ballot.

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http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

Action Now Clear

The action now is perfectly clear - fire the swing vote!

Only the citizens can hold their elected representatives accountable.


Even better proposal from maryland

It should make ticketing more efficient and revenue friendly.

Maryland Considers Eliminating Judges for Photo Tickets (...) Under the program, a lawyer would be selected to serve as "master" to decide the guilt or innocence of those accused by a red light camera or speed camera. This master would be paid directly from the revenue collected from finding ticket recipients guilty.

Motorists unsatisfied by the master's ruling will not be allowed to appeal for a new trial before an actual district court judge. Instead, they are only allowed to use a highly technical legal procedure to object. (...) "In accordance with the Maryland Rules, the defendant may file written exceptions to any or all of the master's findings, conclusions, and recommendations, but must specify those items to which the defendant objects," the legislative analysis explained. "A defendant who files exceptions may have a hearing on the record before the court, which must be limited to those matters to which exceptions have been taken." (...) Motorists unfamiliar with court procedures would not be allowed to plead their case directly to an impartial judge.

source: http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/37/3734.asp