Propane Fill Stations USA / Canada


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Last updated 02/01/2020

Raw file: Propane Stations.gpx (2.16 MB)

Thanks to user mountaindweller4 for the original version and the idea.

One thing that most GPSs don't do well, is find propane. That's because the name of the establishment doesn't often contain the word "propane." This will give you a head start.

Data in this file comes from US Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada, extracted January 31, 2020. Operating hours are in Comments field in the GPX file. If you're interested, you can now download both the US and Canadian data all at once, from the US Department of Energy web site. The download will contain more information than the GPS file, for example intersection / directions and forms of payment accepted.

When looking for propane, also think outside the box. Think of chain stores that often have fill stations, especially in rural areas. Tractor Supply Co., Ace Hardware and Menards are examples. Other farm supply stores might also be good bets. If you have a big rig, you may want to call these places before trekking over there, because you may not be able to get close enough to the pump. Keep in mind that some only do portable tanks, so ask when you call: Can you fill my RV? Or occasionally they may be out of propane. But they can be a lot cheaper than places on the Interstate like Flying J. There are also big gas companies like Amerigas and Ferrellgas. Companies often have a store locator on their web site. Whenever you're off the Interstate, keep an eye out for big yards full of tanks and trucks. Most of them can fill you up. Finally, if your GPS seems to be missing a lot of these places and you want all the data you can get, you can find POI files for some of them as well.

In Canada, you are more likely than in the US to find propane at a gas station. Maybe there are more propane-powered cars? Anyway, sometimes the blue fuel signs on the highway will show a "P" or "Propane" under the station.

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