Make sure to post your project please


I see that lots of people are working on building POI Databases, lets make sure that we post what we are working on so that more then one of us is not working on the same project.
Thanks for all the hard work guys
Miss Poi

RH projects

I'm concentrating on three projects at the moment:

1. Lake Norman POI's - As in every channel marker, shoal, island, restaurant, gas dock and marina. This is mainly for those boating on Lake Norman. I've got about 25% of the lake mapped so far.

2. Mooresville, NC - Building multiple POI databases for attractions, lodging, restaurants, museums, etc. This is the mecca for Nascar fans, where many of the race shops reside, and where the Nascar Museum is located. Lowes Home Improvements headquarters is also here, and I've had a few of their management team voice interest in having this for their traveling staff.

3. Nascar in North Carolina - A few separate databases with one combined. These will include POI's for all the Race Tracks, a POI database for all of the Team Shops (even I'm getting excited about taking that tour!), and anything Nascar related in NC.

When each is complete, I'll update you all on my POI databases. Along with the POI's, for each of these I'll be creating 'virtual tours' in Google Earth.

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Current Project

I'm currently working on the Home Depots and Lowes for New York State.


Charlotte, NC "NiteLife" Project

I'm currently working on a Charlotte, NC "NiteLife" POI.
This POI will be a listing that contains Lounges,
Bars, and other interesting NiteLife spots.



It looks like Acrown already uploaded a Lowes file for the entire US, so unless he tells us that there are locations that have not been captured then I think that Lowes is finished.
Miss Poi

Jon has suggested that since

Jon has suggested that since most people that use GPS are high tech type people that we should have POI Files that reflect that availiable. Stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, I already have Fry's Electronics that I have not added yet. These are the locations we are all heading to.
Miss POI

Somewhere here I have a file

Somewhere here I have a file for Best Buy...

Add to my project list - East Coast Light Houses...

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im expapnding tulsa area

im expanding tulsa area attractions and restaurants to the state of oklahoma area. now how many cowboys and indians do u have out east. i hope i dont start a war. lol

posted astronomical csv

last nite I posted my first - the process DOES look the same in Google Earth Plus as GE, you end up with about the same process....

Mine needs cleaning and adding, but I am collecting US observatories, institutes, planetarieums, and college depts which deal with astronomy and astrophysics with some level of prominence....

A bit of a challenge to get them all, but I'll sooner or later get a good list smile the one I uploaded is a 100-POI start...


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Any projects in CT, MA Long Island (camera and Radar)

Hi, I am new user with C330 and glad to find this site. I have noticed that there is no camera or radar files in new england states. Is anyone working on this or is this a task for my contribution to the forum. Keep up the good work.


I need my Garmin to work underwater!!!

Best Buy Locations

I've finished the Best Buy locations alphabetically up to California. I could upload the partial file if anyone is interested in it. Otherwise I'll keep working on it and post it when its completed, unless I RobinH was able to fine his file.

added 12/12/06..

Looks like Orbital has one ready to post as well. Guess I'll start working on the next one....


NY Vineyards

I was thinking about working on New York State Vineyards next. Has anyone started on these yet? If not, I'd be happy to start one and continue with other states if anyone is interested.



If you are in an area that has red light cameras and I don't have them yet, please let me know what city it is to that I can start researching it.
My list of cities comes from the red light camera company websites and I am finding that there are other smaller companies that I don't know about.
Miss Poi

Ms. poi, You stirred my

Ms. poi,
You stirred my interest in knowing what the red light camera companies websites are, and when they list the cities, do they also include the location of the cameras?

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No the companies list what

No the companies list what cities they cover but not the locations. I have to go to the city website and search though meeting notes, or just search for news articles on the web. It is a long process sometimes but well worth it.
Miss Poi


Hello all
Broken elbow has slowed me down, But I am working on 2 projects.

1. Paintball sites (Have Eastern USA, Now working on Whole USA)

2. Federial Prisons in U.S. (Site locations)



and what did you do that caused you to get a broken elbow?
You really didn't take the sky diving thing seriously did you?
Miss Poi


I've Sky-Dived once, way back in Marine Corps days, NEVER AGAIN....

I work in A Prison, (Federal Pen actually) I work in the big house, where most of the inmates will NEVER get out.
Don't ask for details on Arm.

Let's just say, It's a whole different world inside the walls.


is there a video of u

is there a video of u skydiving with ur gps. lol