Nuvi 1350 1300 1400 13xx 14xx, does SW 5.80 fix RTL Trap / Prefetch Abort shut down?


I have a 1350 and ever since I installed 5.70, I've been having abrupt shut downs. I enter the address and when I hit go, the unit shuts off abruptly as if I pulled the battery.

When I restart, it does not register in the recently found and it takes time to reacquire satellite as if its a new start.

In error log, I see

RTL Trap, two separate date/time

Low Battery that occurred on full battery

Prefetch Abort, about a dozen lines with same time/date stamp.

When I hooked it up to my computer and looked for update, I found that there is v 5.80 for software which says it

Changes from version 5.70 to version 5.80:
Updated to comply with France Safety Camera decree.
Fixed an error that caused a restart message to frequently appear on nuvi 1300 and 1400 series devices.

I don't get any restart messages. I get an unexplained sudden shut offs and the only way of seeing any clue is through the Developer Info (pull up the analog speedometer, then hold down on the hub of the needle)

Does this correct the problem?

Two suggestions

First, the new firmware may well offer you some help.

Second, a hard reset may help even with your current firmware:


The aborts on startup appear to have stopped, however I had a lockup with parts of two screens displaying. I had a hard time getting it to shut down. Typical for Garmin fixes.

I have the 1490.

Very occasionally

I have had unplanned shutdowns with my 1490 - probably happened once every couple of weeks. I use my GPS every day !

Have not had it happen since update to 5.80 ?????

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@Falcon9: I updated my 1490

I updated my 1490 to 5.80 8 days ago. So far so good...

I updated my 1490 to 5.70 in late November and had a total of 13 RTL Trap errors up to early January. The error number was 6E5D800E, RTL Information Line said bad memory block pointers. I did not have any Low Battery or Prefetch Abort errors.

As others have suggested, try 5.80 and also do a hard reset after the upgrade. Remember to back up your favourites beforehand.

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