First Android Dedicated GPS Unit


I guess this should not go in the smartphone forum since it is Android but does not have a phone. The website has lots of "Coming soon" and "Check this space for more information" so it looks a ways from full production.

"First Android Dedicated GPS Unit Actually Looks Pretty Decent

GPS maker Holux and sporting map app company SatSki have put out the All Sports GPS, a handset-like unit that has multiple sports-related mapping tools, lots of live maps (Google of course, OVI, OpenStreetMap, and more), and a location and distance-focused interface. Average speed, altitude changes, all that stuff."

"The All Sports GPS (Android + Wi-Fi) gives you the flexibility to choose any gps app from the All Sports App Market powered by Nexva. The All Sports GPS comes pre loaded with:

* 1. All Sports Maps
* 2. Satski New Version (2)
* 3. MyRide Feb 2012
* 4. Pocket Caddy"