Publix Gas Cards


Publix Gas Cards are now available again. Buy $25 groceries and you can purchase one $50 gas card for $40-a saving of 20% at gas pump!


That's a substantial discount! We don't have Publix where I live (Phoenix area) but several grocery chains offer 'cents off' on gas in exchange for purchases. Just having a Safeway discount card for example is good for 3-cents off each gallon which is already competitively priced. Another chain, Frys, offers up to 20 cents per gallon off when you've purchased (it can be cumulative) $200 worth of groceries. That could be huge if you're filling a truck or motorhome.

Typically the least expensive gas in my area is at Sams Club or Costco pumps but it may not be much of a saving if the cost of membership is considered.

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Never knew

Never knew Publix had a gas related card. Of course I do not shop Publix in my area, can never find what I want.

Of course I have my Kroger which gives me 10 cents of per $100. It also work at the Shell station. Have a Parker's card also that gets me 10 cents off and usually with their app I can find the cheapest in town.

Like it

Does every Publix sell the discount cards and do you have to go to one of their gas bars? I can't remember seeing a Publix gas bar in Fort Myers Fl where we shop in the winter months.

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Bought one yesterday when we were in to do our shopping. wink grin grin grin

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Gas Card

You choose the gas card you want be it BP, Hess, Shell...You get the coupon out of their hand out in front of store ,pick up a gas card for $50, buy your $25 groceries, Hand cashier coupon & gas card-they will then activate card and add $40 to your bill. Gas card is for that station only. You cannot use a BP gas card at Shell.

Gas Card

I will have to look for this deal the next time I go to publix