Miss Poi will be MIA for a few days


Over the last few days I have been running two households, mine and my best friends. She is on vacation with her hubby for the next couple of days and I have taken on her two boys. So I will not be answering emails in a timely fashion like I usually do because of the extra work with 2 additional kids and an additional house to take care of.

I will be watching the forums and answering emails that are in need of immediate attention. I will be getting life back to normal Friday and will be playing catch up this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding and patience:)

Miss Poi

More Time

You might just need more time off from here while you are recovering from your ordeal.

Take all the time you want! wink

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I will be finishing up with

I will be finishing up with my emails at some point today. Mr admin put a big hole in my house so we are focused on that right now.

New patio french doors.... Not anything like the gps directing him a few more feet to final destination inside the house.

Miss Poi


I'm getting tired just reading about your chaos!!!!

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Life is back to normal again

Life is back to normal again and I am almost caught up with my emails. The hole in our house is now filled and secure, and I am back down to just one household to run.

Last week was a test of my juggling abilities.

Miss Poi

Well, I guess that you now

Well, I guess that you now understand how my best friend's (when I was a kid) mother felt all summer! I stayed over there (cause there were 6 kids to play with) 3 out of 4 weeks during the summer until his father would say to me, "Son, it is time for you to go home for a week"

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reminds me...

you just reminded me of the time I played hide and go seek when I was a kid, and hid in the bath tub. Then my uncle came in with a newspaper. I still laugh when I remember him running out with his pants around his ankles when I realized what happened and spoke....