More and more drivers are ratted out to police and insurance adjusters – by their own cars.

Biller has heard of remote readers that could access the data just by coming close to a vehicle.

On some cars, connecting a cable is no longer necessary. Beginning with the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, GM will be able to access the information from the recorders wirelessly through the OnStar system included on most of the automaker’s vehicles, The Tennessean writes.

It doesn’t need an accident to make the data change your life. Buddy Oakes, a Columbia-based insurance claims adjuster says that some insurance companies are using the data to help rate customers’ driving habits to determine how much their premiums should be.

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This has been coming for a while

It's arrived, and in your face.

Aside from getting a nasty hike in your premiums, just wait until people start getting tickets in the mail. Pretty soon you'll have to scan your DL, so they know who was driving the vehicle!

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How easy...

is it to disconnect the OnStar antenna?

If it is difficult, cutting the cable is a great option.

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OnStar box

rocknicehunter wrote:

is it to disconnect the OnStar antenna?

If it is difficult, cutting the cable is a great option.

My last Impala had the box mounted on the driver's side rear inner fender, real easy to get at and disable OnStar. There was a website that showed how to hack the GPS and use it to feed a laptop if you weren't going to continue your subscription to OnStar. I haven't looked for it yet on the Equinox but I'm guessing it might be in the same place but a little harder to get at.

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Presented as a Feature

I wonder if you can opt - out at time of sale for "features" like On-Star.

OnStar isn't the Only Blackbox

Alot of folks are focused on the OnStar system but in most GM cars the data that is recorded about vehicle 'events' etc, is usually integrated with the SDM or similar box. The Sensing and Diagnostic Module is a small box that controls the deployment of the Air Bags. It usually contains at least one or more acceleromters and MUST be connected to the system for the air bag system to function. Think of the OnStar system as the transceiver of the system, the data is collected and retained by the SDM or equivalent component dependent on manufacturer. The OnStar system can then query all of the 'black boxes' on the communications bus and upload that data. Even WITH the OnStar systems disabled, the appropriate data retrieval device can be connected to the box directly and 'event' data a laptop or other device. Police departments and Insurance companies regularly do this, and have for quite a long time.


Wonder if this is part of the data that OnStar is sell even after you terminate the OnStar service.

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