How to Download to Magellan


I just joined this site. I would like to download the low clearance file to our Magellan 3045 LMT GPS unit.

How is one to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

first off

Welcome to the site. You will enjoy the time you spend on this site.

Now for the bad news. The Magellan line was purchased a few years ago by a Chinese company and their policy is not to allow custom downloads to the unit. So, the answer is you can't add the low clearance POI. You are limited to what is on the unit.

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are there any hacks for the

are there any hacks for the magellan units?

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the information regarding the inability to download to Magellan! Wow.
Glad to know it's not my brilliant inabilities!!!
But, very disappointing news to hear!!!!

Custom POI for 1700

" Magellan ... policy is not to allow custom downloads to the unit."
I have just hit this same barrier for my 1700, and I haven't quite accepted the official Mag line yet; their policy might just be policy and not a technical limitation. I talked with Mag CS, asking them about uploading custom POI files. They said that since my 1700 comes with (some huge number) of built-in POI's, I didn't need to upload any new POI's. They also said that their load had "used up all the available internal memory", so I couldn't upload anything anyway. Mag CS is not open to discussion on this. However, I'm still suspicious. Their Trucker software comes on a micro SD card, so the 1700 firmware must poll that SD port whenever it boots. If the 1700 can "see" executables there, maybe it can also "see" other files, like maybe mgln POI files. Further investigation is needed! twisted

Ed Price Chula Vista, CA USA