Contributors of the Week 2011-09-26


This week we're recognizing turboccc. He's already well decorated as contributor of the year for 2009 and 2010, but like the energizer bunny, this guy just keeps going-and-going-and-going smile

This last week, turboccc's been quite busy making the top-notch Extra POI Editor (EPE) even more "awesomer", with new beta versions 5.26, 5.27 and soon EPE v5.28.

He's posted about some of his work: teasing out the intricacies of icon color depth, making new weapons to take out duplicates in large POI files, and battling elusive stack overflow bugs.

The latter may have involved some nursing of head wounds with Caipirinha after banging it in frustration on his desk. (Hey turboccc, please be careful with that brain!!!) smile

So once again, please join me in thanking turboccc for his great contributions through Extra POI Editor.

Thank you turboccc!!!

Jonathan (aka JM)

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Well deserved, awesome program.

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Thank you for the excellent program, and the outstanding support.
Well deserved.


da man

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Many thanks for your program

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Way To Go

Turbo way to go again keep on doing what you do best.

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Thanks for all you do!

Your efforts have made all of our GPS experiences even more enjoyable. smile

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Turbo Keeps it coming!

Got milk?

Simply put, Awesome!

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Really great program. You

Really great program. You deserve the COW again.

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A well deserved Cow Award

A well deserved Cow Award for turboccc. He gives us the best program out there and never turns down anyone who needs help.

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3 moo salute!

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Turboccc you'r awsome thank you

I may have my user name and password confused or switched! Can I get confimation of my user name????

and one of the best features

you built in was making it so even us with severe phobias would fall in love with all your programs. Speech Doctor, TTS Editor and of course EPE. Congratulations!

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Exceptional Products

Can not say it too many times. We really appreciate your efforts.



Well deserved, great piece of software, sure makes my life much easier

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Hear! Hear!

EPE is a fine piece of work. Well done!

Congratulations! Well

Congratulations! Well deserved!

Way To Go!

Thanks for all the hard work!



non-native nutmegger

Congrats to you turboccc!

Congrats to you turboccc!

Thank you for all you've done, which is a LOT!!!

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turboccc,thanks for all you do, to help make the factory such a great community.

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to Turboccc who has revolutionized the world of GPS. cool

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Thank you for your dedication and efforts. We appreciate your hard work!

Thanks to you Turbo, truly

Thanks to you Turbo, truly an awesome program.

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Thank you all!

Thank you all for those good comments. I am honored to get this COW award. It is always a fun site to visit. The members are great and everyone feels welcome. I come here everyday. Thanks to all of you for your contribution.

I feel I have not produced or help enough at POI-Factory compared to other members, but I have been working on other GPS programs lately (EPE, RGN_Tool, GIR_Editor, RGNVoiceEditor and NonTTSVoiceEditor. Hopefully those programs will be of some interests to you although some of them are for advanced users with a solid heart... smile

For sure, NonTTSVoiceEditor (not released yet) will attract your attention as the new version will allow you to extract the non-TTS voice samples for encrypted voices (Dora, DrNightmare, etc...) and not just the regular non-TTS voices. I have other ideas in mind as well to make it attractive to you.




Thank you for all software and help you have given us to enjoy.

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Thanks Turboccc.

Your contributions are legendary. Enjoy your week as a COW.

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Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Turbo..............for everything !

Congrats Turboccc

Thank you very much for making EPE available and also for RGN_Tool and GIR_Editor. They are neat tools and I enjoy using them.

Congrats turbo!



You have become an integral part of my GPS experience. Please continue your efforts. They are so important to me.


Recognizing turboccc

Congratulations turboccc,and thanks for all the hard work you do. well deserved. grin

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Congratulations, turboccc! Thank you for your continued efforts!


You are the best,

Without your work, i would have stoped making poi files.. You makeit so much esyer to do.

Thanks again sir... You are the best!!!


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Congrats turboccc!

Kudos well-deserved. Thank you for your hard work! smile

Once again...

... Thank you to all!

well deserved


ahhhh! the master!

If ever there was a deserving soul it is you! Thanks for the fantastic contributions and more importantly, your quick responses to user questions regarding your programs.

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Congratulations, well done

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