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I want to use the GPS to put coordinates for the location of my ancestors headstone. Some are in very bad shape and are hard to locate.

Has anyone ever done anything like this or have advise how to proceed?

Tim S.


It's fairly easy and accurate to within 30 - 40 feet. Take your unit with you to the gravestone, touch the vehicle symbol and then tell it to save the location. You can edit the name so it tells you what it is you stored. The coordinates are written to the Favorites on your unit which you can extract using one of the Garmin mapping programs or the favorite program of many here on the site, EPE (Extra_POI_Editor).

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Using your 350

You might try this with your 350.

When you are standing at a headstone with your GPS on, Touch Where To > My Locations > My Current Location and then write down the coordinates. You can also touch "Save" to save the location in Favorites.

Assuming you can do this for each of the headstones, what would be your next desired step? Would you want to create a POI file that you could share with relatives?

Let us know and we can help.

My experience

I re-visited the place where my parents were laid to rest. On my Magellan I pressed MARK. Then filled in the info. On my 1490t it would be SAVE to favorites.
.. My GF searched for her grandfather's unknown grave in Iowa. The first stop was the library in that county. She got lucky. Someone had digitized the birth & death records. They put her in touch with the caretaker of that church cemetery. That gentleman showed her a map. Alas, there were several plots with faded markers in that area. She was not sure which was her grandfather's. I was not with her on that quest, so no GPS coordinates.
Good Luck.

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GPS advice

Thanks for the information. I will have to try that and take pictures of the headstone to aid in finding the location.



Don't know if you are aware but there is a website dedicated to grave site memorials and such, I created one entry for a family member and every year family visit her virtual gravesite on the anniversary of her death.


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I highly recommend this site. I first used it in grad school when I took a course on monuments (we just went to cemeteries and looked at stones) to find where famous people in my area were buried. I've added my father and brother to the site and it gives your loved ones a place to meet and leave notes (they have flowers and other pictures you can use). It's been very healing for all of us.

The famous people's graves are quite interesting too.

I Think

It's a great idea, although, it will be more personalized, in that it will contain your ancestors. I maintain several grave and cemetery POI files here, but my coordinates are to the cemetery, not the grave.

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Thanks for the Find A Grave site.