Rugby World Cupr 2011


The TV coverage for the Rugby World Cup is pretty poor. The USA v. Ireland match was on NBC, as will be the New Zealand v. Canada match and the Final.

There are seven games on the Universal Sports Network, but until only recently, I couldn't get that through DirecTV. Universal also has a pay-per-view package where you can watch the remaining 38 matches on your computer, but that fails for dinosaurs like me.

Very recently, DirecTV added the matches as individual pay-per-views at $12.95 a pop ($14.95 for HD). I'll probably spring for a few matches and the 4 quarter finals as the semi-finals and finals I can now watch on NBC or Universal.

The US looks not too bad, but have no realistic chance of getting to the knock-out stage. I look for the Kiwis and Wallabies in the Final.

Still on

If one gets channel 621-625 then you still can get USA Russia ,USA Australia, Italy USA and more for free.
As an avid rugby watcher I think that rugby is where soccer was 20 years ago but in time it will rise in popularity.


Will it be available in 3D?

Only If

Only if you are on LSD


That was funny.... smile

Quarter Finals time

As the Rugby World Cup approaches the quarter finals this coming weekend, it's a tough blow for New Zealand to lose Dan Carter with a groin pull/tear.

Without meaning to offend anybody here, my mantra is 'anyone but France'.

France? Rugby???

ericruby wrote:

Without meaning to offend anybody here, my mantra is 'anyone but France'.

I find it humourous that France is considered a powerhouse in such a harda$$ sport as rugby. Despite their high ranking, they were still thumped by Tonga.

I watched some highlights of Canada versus the All Blacks on-line. Canada scored FIRST shock This must have been embarassing to the Kiwis, who proceded to stomp all over the Canadian team.

Rugby tends to be a niche sport and very difficult to follow to those unfamiliar with the game. Too bad, because the players are some of the toughest atheletes in ANY sport!

Congratulations Kiwis!

Hail New Zealand, 2011 Rugby World Cup champions.

I couldn't believe the Universal Sports pre-game studio had a U.S. flag hung vertically with the stars in the upper right hand corner and not the upper left as it should be with vertical flags. : (


Go All Blacks!!!!

Yes Rugby.

Yes Rugby. Though I must wait until January for CAL to start up again. I have this disgusting feeling towards pro sports. Call me what you may but I'll take college sports any day.

Never have to worry about Notre Dame moving to Florida, Michigan State to Arizona, or Cal to North Dakota.

Not to mention when I had a recent stay in the hospital the damn phlebotomist looked at my Cal Rugby shirt and was unable to even pronounce the word rugby. And this *&(^&* is sucking blood from my arm. Not a reassuring feeling.