Importing Address 3790 Nuvi


Is there any way I can import all my friends info into address files using my computer? It is a pain to enter everyone on the touch screen and then going back to edit in the phone numbers.

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Do you connect to a cell phone with bluetooth?

The 3790 should pull the phone's address book - as long as the phone supports that function of bluetooth.

Otherwise, you can export a contact list on you computer to a CSV file, geocode addresses, and make a custom POI file out of your address book and put in on your 3790.

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my system

I created a file named friends.csv and another called family.csv with address and Ph# and they reside inside a folder called Family & Friends.

It comes handy whenever we travel to distant places and be able to drop by and check on the ones closest to our route or the city we are visiting.

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