Newbie....with some questions :)


I purchased the C330 for my husband for his birthday. I am now traveling away from home and am using his C330 until I purchase one for my car. I noticed that the preset POIs in the GPS are old. The places that are listed are no longer even there. Is there a way to remove them? I just learned how to receive updates from here. Thanks for your help!! This seems to be an awesome sight! Also, if anyone would like to recommend which system I should purchase, I'm willing to listen wink

Can't delete preloaded POIs

But you can report them to Garmin's provider.

Go to and follow the directions on the form.

As for a unit for yourself - A Nuvi 350 would be nice, or a 360 if you want bluetooth & the ability to use it as a hands free device for a cell phone.

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Thank You!

Thanks for the assistance & the input. I appreciate it!