Labeling POI's


I am a volunteer fireman and have created a POI file with all the hydrants in our fire district. We have installed Garmin GPS's in each fire truck which displays the location of the hydrant on the map. I would like to display not only the hydrant but also the street address where the hydrant is located on the map. Is there a way for me to add this info to the map?

Use Extra_POI_Editor

With Extra_POI_Editor, you can add an address to each Custom POI. These addresses will not appear on the map. It will appear as a second line of each Custom POI in the list that is in distance order from current location. Up to the closest 52 are displayed, 4 per page.

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Take the POI file you have and use EPE to change it into a .gpx file.

Get EPE at:

You could also add some "comments" (if needed) in addition to address.

minor correction - up to 50 closest POIs are shown.

Name or Description

In your gpx file you can specify a "Display Option" of Symbol Only, Symbol and Name, or Symbol and Description.

So you can either name each poi with the street address or put the address info in the Description field and then set the appropriate Display Option if you want that info on the map display.

With EPE you can set the Display Option of all the pois at once by using 'Edit', 'Replace field' on the menu.

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