Garmin and the Tour the France


To anyone who like sport Garmin is the sponsor of the Tour the France race that it started on July 1 and will end on the 24 ,So far they have done only 9 Stage the next race will be live on Tuesday July 12 starting at 8:00 AM but they also broadcast at 2 Pm and 8 PM the channel name is VERSUS ,Also Garmin as Team up with the best company who does make bikes..CERVELO..


That's a Canadian company. Go, Canada!

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I DVR the entire tour so I can watch the stages at my leisure. Sure beats the old days when I have to watch the text feed on the internet.

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I sure hope no one get lost riding on the Tour. That won't look good for Garmin smile

distracted driver hits bycyclist?

Did you see the TV press car swerve and hit a couple of the bicyclist, guess he was distracted entering new coordinates in his Garmin

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Tree dodger

Looks to me like the driver swerved out to avoid a tree that is very close to the road. Prior to that the vehicle was being driven partly off the road and would have collided with the tree.

Also looks like the vehicle only hit one bicycle - the others were involved in a domino affect.