Dell Streak (Mini 5) As Vehicle GPS


I am considering buying a used Dell Streak (Mini 5), buying the vehicle mount, adding ALK CoPilot navigation onto a micro SD, and using this as a vehicle GPS. Can anybody here tell me if that would make a good vehicle GPS? Also, I would probably get it carrier subsidy unlocked and install a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card as a backup. Plus, the T-Mobile SIM card should allow access to a few websites. I also figure with wifi I can remove this from the vehicle mount and have a tablet with me while traveling. Anyway, would this work well or are there some shortcomings by doing this?

I did just look again at the review of the Dell Streak 7 by gpspassion a while back. I am particularly interested in whether the Dell Streak (Mini 5) has the same shortcomings as the Dell Streak 7. For example, does the screen wash out in sunlight and how sensitive is the GPS receiver in this unit?

Also, what other Android tablets should I consider that have a 5 inch screen? I don't think the 5 inch size has been real popular, but there might be others out there worthy of consideration.

It'll Do Reasonably Well

In terms of hardware, for the most part the Streak will do fine as a GPS. I have one, so I'm very familiar with the unit. However, there are two potential issues you need to be aware of with the Streak. As long as you're aware of them, you should be good to go.

1. The DC adapter may not supply enough power to keep the Streak running properly while in the car.

2. The Streak can overheat if left on the mount for a long period of time in the car on a hot day.

I've heard of one person on XDA Developers who had the problem with the Streak overheating, but haven't yet heard of anyone having issues with the DC Adapter.

In terms of financial impact, how much are you spending on the Streak, and how much do you have to spend for the mount, DC Adapter, and Copilot? You may find that despite being able to do so much more than a standalone GPS, if you're planning on using the Streak solely as a GPS, it may not be worth the expenditure.

The one issue you shouldn't run into a problem with is the firmware. Dell Streaks came with Android 1.6 installed, but an update to 2.2.2 is available, and comes preinstalled on new Streaks purchased through Dell. If this Streak comes with 1.6, upgrade the ROM first before installing Copilot.

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dell Inspirion Duo

Just got my son and wife each a Duo. A little bigger then the Streak 5 or 7. The screen fold over on top of the keyboard and can be used as a tablet. The advantage is having full windows support.

Not being familiar with Android apps myself. I do have a coworker that has told me that here husband has an Android phone and tablet. There are some apps he has on the phone that do not work on the tablet and visa~versa. I do not know how true this is.

I use a 1490LMT, now with a Blackberry 9700 backup. I also have an Ipad without 3G so no GPS until I purchase an adapter for it.

Just a suggestion.

The Duo doesn't have a

The Duo doesn't have a built-in GPS receiver, so he would need a dongle.

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