What Happened To The War On Distraction?

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Everything we do is a

Everything we do is a distraction. It is worse in a vehicle. Maybe we need to have the driver inside a box and the vehicle needs to be 100% automated. We speak a command and it goes.

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Officer: Do you know why you were being stopped?”
Me: Uh, no.
Officer: You appeared to be changing your radio station. That’s driving while distracted at least, and driving with undue care and attention at worst.
Me: Well officer, what would you do if you were enjoying a radio station that was playing a double-shot of classic Van Halen, only to have the retarded DJ switch to Celine Dion’s “It’s all coming back to me now”?
Officer: Oh, geez, I’m sorry, dude. That’s an even BIGGER distraction. Once you’ve heard THAT song it’s forever too late to cut off your ears. You did the right thing. Have a nice day, man. Peace.

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In order to avoid tickets,

In order to avoid tickets, I'll need to get a personal driver soon...

What Happened To The War On Distraction?

Not that this is Point/Counterpoint here, but I have a slightly different view on distracted driving. While I certainly don't support drunk driving or driving and texting, I do need a certain amount of activity to help keep me alert while driving. For example, if I drive a long period of time with no audio entertainment, I get drowsy while driving. I need a little something to keep me alert. Over the years at has been amateur radio, police scanners, XM/Sirius satellite radio, Slacker Radio, and/or GPS. Obviously NOT all of those at once, but sometimes more than one. Most recently on a road trip I might have the Garmin GPS and Sirius satellite radio active. Is it distracted driving? I guess I open it up for debate.


What is the difference of talking on the phone versus a CB radio? Seen any truckers pulled over for that?

I've seen forums showing you how to disable in dash DVD players motion detectors so you can watch a movie while driving. INSANE !

My radio controls are on my steering wheel.
High price cars now have shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel.

Remember cruising down the road with your arm around your lady ? Consoles and bucket seats put a nail in that.

Have you ever noticed

Have you ever noticed what kind of electronics and other devices a cop has in their patrol cars and most times blocking their view?

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