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Bought the Garmin c340 about a month ago. I love the unit and it has been helpful but, the big but, learned to always call a business before trying to locate it. The listing of restaurants is way out of date.


built-in POIs

Garmin's database is one of the better ones, but it's only updated yearly. Changes often take a couple years to show up.


Garmin has an update form for you to use

I wrote to them about this issue of out of date information, and incorrect mapping of roads. They quite readily acknowledged that 'no system is perfect' and they solicit input from users. The link below takes you to their page for offering such fixes.



Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX


The pub I drove to in Nashua, NH had recently closed, but there were enough places close by to choose from. I'll fill out the form and let them know. (Skol's)

If I make one of the listed restaurants a destination, I'll most definately call before going.

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To report differences in reality and the Garmin maps & POIs

Report them here:

Navteq is Garmin's info provider.

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